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Privacy Policy

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy & Statement
Collary Airport Transfers is an Accredited organisation governed by a set of Standard Operating Policies and Procedures, which includes a "Privacy Policy".  In handling your personal information we are committed to complying with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (PPIPA) Act 1998 and the National Privacy Principles.  The aims of this policy are to: - Demonstrate that Collaroy Airport Transfers respects the confidentiality of all customers communications as well as the personal privacy of their information, and will provide adequate security to ensure this occurs.

Confidentiality:  Non disclosure of information except to another authorised person.
Private:  Not for public knowledge or disclosure.
Passenger(s):  Persons utilising our services (eg; airport transfers ) in exchange for payment.

Collection & Use of Information
Collaroy Airport Transfers collects personal information from you when you elect to use our services.  We collect this information to enable us to: -
i) Provide you with information about available options through the service
ii) Provide you with information pertaining to fares
iii) Provide you with information relating to our expectations in order to make the service deliverable and acceptable for all parties involved
iv) Provide you with the services you require
Where Collaroy Airport Transfers is unable to fulfil its obligation to the customer (ie; in the case of a broken-down vehicle, or delayed flights and where possible ) it may be necessary for Collary Airport Transfers to give personal information of the passenger to another organisation (shuttle bus service) so as to provide continuity of that service - where possible .

Privacy Statement
"We understand that privacy is a very important issue for all consumers and we strive to protect them by ensuring that all data collected is managed with a high degree of professionalism.  All documentation obtained from our customers is stored, onsite, in a secure location at all times.  No information is divulged to any third parties (with the exception of law enforcement and/or other government agencies where directed, or in the event where we need to transfer passengers to another servivce due to circumstances beyond our control ) unless otherwise specified by the passenger, which needs to be expressed in writing.  We take the confidentiality of our patrons very seriously, using information obtained purely on the basis of serving each client as effectively and efficiently as possible." Phil Ouvrier, Company Director  

(Should passengers not wish for their information to remain in the computer system, please be sure to inform our staff at the time of making a booking.)

"As we are committed to providing absolute security (particularly with regards to customer payments), we have chosen to utilise the services of PayPal so that our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that they are using one of the most recognisable and highly secure purchasing methods in the world." Phil Ouvrier, Company Director

Access to Information
A copy of this Privacy & Confidentiality Statement is available upon request from the Office.  It has been written to conform to industry standards & the National Principles.

Access to Your Information
Under the Privacy Act you have the right to access personal information we hold about you.  If any of the information is incorrect you have the right to have the information corrected.

What if you do not wish to provide us with information?
In order to provide our services to the customer, we require certain information such as their full address, all flight details, a contactable telephone number, and any other specific needs such as, mobility assistance, excess of/or non-regular luggage. 

Passengers are advised, while they have the right to withhold information for privacy reasons, they also need to be aware that failure to provide all details may lead to them being left behind either because we cannot contact them, we have not been informed of luggage amounts and cannot fit them on the bus, or we are unable to locate them due to omitted/incorrect details or misinformation.

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