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Terms & Conditions

Cancellations Policy

The cancellations of any bookings will be subjected to the following conditions : -

  • Cancellations made up to 48 hours, prior to pick up time, will receive a full refund (excluding a $5.00 administration fee).
  • Cancellations made under 48 hours but greater than 24 hours prior to pick up time - will be charged 50% of the total fare (excluding a $5.00 administration fee). 
  • Cancellations made under 24 hours prior to pick up time, OR bookings not cancelled at all, will NOT receive a refund.

Passenger Responsibilities

Please note that it is at the discretion of the Driver to sometimes arrive up to 10-20 minutes earlier than the stated pick up time, depending on traffic conditions, etc...  As such, the timeslot allocated to a customer for their pickup is always only ever an approximation - due to the large amount of variables that occur on a daily basis within this industry.  It is the passengers responsibility to be ready .  We have other passengers who require swift and efficient transport to their destinations, so if the client is not ready when the Driver arrives to collect them from their place of abode, then they may be left behind .  Where the aforementioned situation occurs where the Driver comes to collect the passenger and they are not ready (regardless of reason), a refund will not be given .

Passengers are not to consume food or drinks (with the exception of water) on the bus at any time.

Passengers are advised that their phone (particularly a mobile phone) is considered a crucial communication tool .  There will be times where we may need to place passengers on an earlier bus, or even a different bus service due to circumstances beyond our control.  In such moments we will always attempt to contact the passenger to inform them of any such situations and offer an alternative for them to either accept or decline according to their needs.  As such, we ask passengers to constantly review their phones for any messages in the days leading up to their transfer (just in case) and respond promptly to any messages left to avoid disappointment. With regard to bookings made online via the website, passengers need to ensure they respond promptly to any email correspondance sent to them with regards to their bookings and the onus is upon passengers to communicate any changes, alterations or cancellations of any bookings entered into with Collaroy Airport Transfers as soon as possible to avoid being charged in accordance with our "Cancellations Policy" (please see above).   A website/email booking is considered finalised where acknowledged in writing by Collaroy Airport Transfers with the word(s) "Confirmed" and/or "Confirming" mentioned in the body of the correspondance.  Should the suggested timeframe be deemed unsuitable to the passenger, it is then the passengers responsibility to notify Collaroy Airport Transfers immediately of this.  Failure to do so may result in charges being incurred by the passenger in accordance with our Cancellation Policy.

It is the responsibility of the passenger(s) to inform Collaroy Airport Transfers of ANY CHANGES
that occur in relation to their booking - whether it be a change in departure/arrival times and/or day; change in circumstances and a need to either cancel or alter a booking; change in dates; change in address details; flight numbers; change in extra luggage (such as surfboards, bike boxes, golf club sets, carting animals) and/or a change in the number of people travelling in their group.  The Office needs to be contacted as soon as possible so that the necessary adjustments can be made.  The onus is on passengers to communicate with Collaroy Airport Transfers at all times, failure to do so will result in either a loss of the booking and/or charges being applied in accordance with our "Cancellations Policy" (please see above).

If passengers fail to inform the Office of any extra/non-regular luggage such as surfboards, golf clubs, bike boxes, large prams or accompanying animals at the time of their booking, the passenger may be left behind when the Driver arrives to collect them due to not having enough room to fit both the passenger(s) and their belongings safely and comfortably.

The customer accepts full responsibility for the supply of all details regarding their bookings
.   Collaroy Airport Transfers will not be held accountable for non-collection of a passenger, where the information supplied to us is found to be either inadequate, and/or incorrect.

Customers are advised to be aware of and understand the nature of the type of service they are booking
Collaroy Airport Transfers is a shuttle bus service and as such, picks up/sets down more than one group of passengers at different addresses at any given time.  Collaroy Airport Transfers is NOT a limousine, hire car or taxi service.  Thus, if passengers arrive early and they are informed by their Driver that there will be a short wait for another group of travellers then this is what will occur, we will not leave those travellers behind simply because those that are already at the meeting point do not wish to wait.  Similarly, if we arrive at the home of a customer and they are not ready, the Driver will have no choice but to leave without them because we have other people to collect and/or deliver to their destination(s) on time.  For those passengers that do not want to wait or wish to be the only passengers on the bus, the shuttle can be hired privately to meet their needs.

Customers are responsible for all of their personal belongings (which includes, but is not limited to, items such as suitcases; surfboard(s)/bag(s); carry-on items; back-packs; prams; duty free items; and any other items passengers bring on board our vehicles).  Whilst all care is taken when packing luggage into the bus, items can move about in the vehicle whilst the bus is in transit.  As such, it is recommended that passengers hold any items of importance/value or fragility on their personage whilst being transported in the vehicle as opposed to having same such said items, packed in the rear of the vehicle with other luggage.  In the event an item does become damaged, Collaroy Aiport Transfers is neither legally responsible nor liable. 

Meeting Points

The Meeting Points will be the ONLY place the Driver will be looking for you!   Please ensure you are in the correct place to avoid confusion and delay for other passengers.  Your Driver will carry an A4-sized sign with “Collaroy Airport Transfers” printed in green and your name/surname will be written on this sign, which the Driver will hold up.  Please be sure to keep watch for your driver once you have collected your luggage and you have arrived at the Meeting Point .  Passengers have been left behind because they have been reading a book, shopping, talking to someone else, talking on a phone, or generally not been paying attention while the Driver has been attempting to locate them.  So please do ensure that you look out for them.  If passengers are waiting at the airport and the Driver has not arrived to collect them within 10 minutes past the pre-arranged meeting time, their luggage has been delayed coming off the carousel or they are unable to remember the meeting point, please contact the Office where someone will be able to assist. 

Please Note: - If your flight arrives early, you will still be picked-up at the agreed upon time and NOT before, as the Driver still needs to adhere to their delivery schedule . They will endeavour to collect you as soon as they are able to once they have dropped off passengers at their Departure Points.  If you are very early, you may be able to get onto an earlier bus if you telephone the Office.   If you are unable to wait, please ensure you ring the Office on 9984 1420 (outside office hours - the office message will provide the number to contact) to inform staff that you are taking alternative means of transport, if nothing more than as a courtesy to the Driver and to the other passengers . It is inconsiderate to leave without notifying anyone, because the driver will spend time looking for you which delays anyone else who is also travelling on the bus.  We ask that you please be considerate of others.

If you are not at the designated meeting points at the pre-arranged time of collection AND WE DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU , we will assume you have either already left, missed your flight or are arriving on a different flight without telling us, and you may be left behind.  If (for some reason) you are delayed, please contact the Office as soon as possible so that we can attempt to organise a seat for you on another one of our buses.  Collaroy Airport Transfers will not be responsible for failing to collect you, if you do not inform us of your situation.  Once you have arrived at the terminal, it is considered important to turn on your mobile phone (and to check for any messages), that way we can at least attempt to contact you if we cannot find you at the agreed meeting point.  Collaroy Airport Transfers will always attempt to contact its customers in the event that they are found not to be at the agreed meeting point at the allocated time.  Failure to turn on and/or answer your phone could result in your being left behind if you are found to not be the agreed meeting point and where our driver has trouble locating you.  In this instance, if you fail to respond to our attempts to both contact and locate you, we are not liable for leaving you behind.

Passengers are advised that the Drivers have a schedule that they need to adhere to, along with government regulations controlling the number of hours the Driver is allowed to operate for in any given day, and as such are not always in a position where they are able to wait.  If we are unable to place you on one of our buses, we will endeavour to utilise another shuttle bus service for your convenience, where possible .  Should your flight be delayed beyond our scheduled operating hours, and where you have provided us with a mobile number to contact, we will advise you via your mobile phone, as to whether we have been able to connect you with another shuttle service (and will provide you with the appropriate details) if we cannot collect you ourselves.

Please Note: - While we do everything we can to collect our passengers, this is not always possible.  Collaroy Airport Transfers advises passengers that it is neither responsible nor liable for circumstances deemed beyond our control .   For greater understanding of such instances, a few examples have been selected and described which include (but are not limited to ) the following: - delayed and/or cancelled flights; delayed luggage; delays due to traffic congestion and/or traffic accidents; incorrectly supplied information from the passenger; non-confirmed bookings; double-bookings and/or bookings made (by the passenger) with a different shuttle bus company; and, where people are not organised/ready when the bus arrives for collection.  Where any such events arises, we are under no obligation for payment of refunds, taxi, train, bus fares, or any other travel related expenses.

Just a courteous reminder for those passengers choosing to make a payment either over the telephone or in person with either a Visa or Mastercard - we require a valid card along with all of the relevant information provided on that card so as to be able to process the payment for your transfer.  To knowingly and willingly provide false or misleading information is considered fraudulent activity ("Obtaining Goods Under Deception ") and any person caught doing this will be immediately reported to the Police and every attempt will be made to regain all monies owed to us.

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